And so ‘the Adventure’ begins…

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You probably haven’t noticed that I have taken a conscious break from social media over the last few months. Why? To reflect on my life, the things I have achieved to date and the things I still want to achieve.

During my ‘break’ I have watched others rise and from the sidelines shared their joy at things they have achieved. I have ‘held’ others whilst they cried, and shared in their loss. I have listened to people dream and indeed between bouts of personal insomnia, who knows why? I have dared to dream myself.

But dreams aren’t enough.

I have now lived longer than my mother did and I can tell you that in the bright light of day this stark realisation has given me quite a funny feeling. Sadly my mother died less than two months after her 59th birthday having struggled with painful crippling disability associated with Rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years. An untimely death that at the time left our family bereft and reeling.

As I now approach a landmark birthday later this year I am determined I am going to make every second on the planet I have left count …..for both of us.

decking path splitting into two

Over Christmas and New Year I heard people wishing others well in 2017 and marked the answering refrain of ‘hope it’s a good one’. Well folks I have decided ‘hoping’ isn’t going to cut it for me, it’s just too …….well passive. It’s a bit like those organisations that opt to do a ‘pilot’, say what? To me that’s like sticking your toe in the water only to take it out again because its too hot/ cold or whatever. ‘Pilots’, in this context speak volumes about commitment and sign up. They’re just too easy to backtrack on, cancel them or tag along for the ride.

Reflecting on this and mindful of various events in 2016 it has become clear to me that we have one life and it’s our responsibility, no it’s our duty and no one else’s to live it to the full and best of our abilities, using all our talents with compassion, connectedness, kindness and in active pursuit of our dreams not to the exclusion or expense of those around us, of course, but in celebration of the gift of life itself.

So in 2017 let the adventure begin, New Year, New Me.

I’m starting out by working with Tara Shaul of Focus Krav Maga to deliver a women’s development workshop that examines self, belief and the size of the ‘but’ in your life.

If you want to kick start your adventure …and why would you not? Join us at Feminine, Fierce and Fabulous on January 28th at Holten Leea wellbeing discovery centre set in 350 acres of beautiful and tranquil Dorset countryside.

Call me on 0779224676 to reserve your place or book online now.

I’ll keep you posted of how my adventure unfolds and where it takes me over the coming months.

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