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Well here we are it’s May already,  Phew! where has the year gone?  In January I promised to keep  you appraised of developments in this my ‘significant birthday’ year.  This year was, if you recall, to be all about doing things differently, seizing the day, having fun and living in the moment.  I remember I asked the Universe to ‘let the adventure begin!’ 

Well five months on and lesson one folks.  Beware what you ask of the Universe!  The adventure has really begun to unfold in a way I hadn’t quite expected.  I feel it only fair to confess that in the last few weeks my part time post of Leadership Tutor has been the subject of an NHS restructuring in order to preserve front line services.  Quite right too because no one would argue that we do really need to improve frontline services.  Net consequence, redundancy with references, beckons at the end of this month.

You would be quite right if you thought what next.  Since the news was first broken some six weeks ago now, I have come to realise that I had given the keys to my happiness to someone else, mistakenly believing that happiness meant a secure job and a regular income.  The reality is that the only security a regular income gives you is a little more choice in what you do, have or eat.  Nothing more. 

It has been an immensely difficult time and being honest I have felt variously sad, immensely liberated, anxious and even on occasion downright scared.  I would be lying if I said I hadn’t lain awake at night thinking about how we will eat in the coming months.  You can’t replace a regular income in the increasingly lean, uncertain and cash strapped public sector world wherein I have spent so much of my professional life as easily as you once could.. 

But you know what?  I have decided to do something different!  Possibly even life changing for I am using this massive ‘kick from the Universe’ to radically improve my life and outlook.  As a result I have:

  • Taken some marketing advice, revisited and updated our website to make our client offer clearer, (comments welcomed by the way). 
  • Joined not one but two new women only networking groups
  • Exhibited and spoken at various local events including one on international women’s day and passed a public speaking audition for a membership organisation. 
  • I will also be speaking at a large health and wellbeing event in Bournemouth later this month. 
  • I have run 2 of our ‘Live Well’ events for the NHS
  • I am in the process of writing not one but two books. 
  • I have revised our suite of wellbeing workshops. 

It’s clear I’m not one for sitting on my hands.   I am also making time to engage in some conscious time for self renewal.

You see I believe that, excuse the phrase, ’S..t happens’ to all of us at some point in our lives.  But its not actually the S..t that is the problem it’s how we choose to deal with it that is the issue.  I choose to live in a world of possibility based on the premise that if it’s genuinely possible in the world, it’s also possible for me.  So, faced with redundancy at a time of life when many are looking to slow down as retirement beckons, I am consciously choosing to do something different. 

I am choosing to focus on success and am making sure that every action takes me to where I want to go rather than to protect me from what I fear.  And if you want to talk some more about that and hear how plans are unfolding then pop down to the Zest4Life Event, Littledown Centre, Bournemouth on Sunday 14th May at 11.00 am.  I hope to see you there.

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