We are wellbeing consultants based in Wimborne, Dorset – read more about our services below.

Building resilience and wellbeing for tomorrow’s leaders

On average we spend 25% of our life in the workplace where typically 1 in 6 UK workers will experience stress, anxiety or depression.

Exposure to toxic workplace cultures damages relationships, health and the bottom line.

We can help you build resilient leaders, reduce workplace stress levels and sickness absence costs so attendance and engagement improve morale goes up and profits are maximised.

Providing tailored mental health services

We cannot claim to provide a full employee assistance programme BUT we will provide mental health awareness training in the workplace so your staff can learn how best to support colleagues that are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression.

We will also provide 1-2-1 counselling and psychotherapy services on site in your workplace subject to the provision of a suitable safe space or we will make arrangements to see your staff at our private consulting rooms.

Offering Coaching and Counselling Support for individuals or groups

Our coaching service is designed to help you raise your game. Our coaches are trained in a range of 360 degree diagnostics and personality profiling tools that will help you identify what you are doing well and where you may need to make changes to become even more effective at what you do.

Counselling is technically a ‘talking therapy’ designed to help people with emotional, social or mental health problems, and for this we may use a range of approaches including talking, role-play and group work, as applicable. When you are coping confidently you’re in a stronger place to support your own mental wellbeing.

We also provide support for individuals via referrals from some government-funded and NHS programmes.


To retreat means to move away from something, to take time out. You have the chance to retreat either for one day or by joining one of our longer residential programmes. Our retreats are a rural recharge, digital device-free time to rediscover joys and focus on positive plans.

Sometimes we need to step outside the everyday and ‘get away from it all’ to get back to where we want to be.

Designing Bespoke Wellbeing Events

We appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all so our wellbeing workshops, events, retreats and one-to-one counselling are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. In addition to our corporate training we run a series of open access wellbeing workshops through the year for private individuals.

When you increase confidence and emotional resilience you feel better, perform better and enjoy better relationships and an improved work/life balance.

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