We offer a discreet, friendly and safe haven for you to take time out to develop the skills and resources you need to deal with issues you find personally challenging. Sessions are confidential, giving you freedom to talk about things you may not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. 

Most of us will be tested at some point during our lifetime; maybe it will be about having to deal with financial worries, redundancy, the sudden death of someone we cared about, domestic violence, divorce, family breakdown, respond to confrontation or bullying and harassment in the workplace or at school.  Even exam pressures at times can seem too much to deal with. 

Whatever the cause, we appreciate that such events present enormous personal challenge and understand that no two people will respond in exactly the same manner.  Some people will sail on through apparently untouched by life’s storms, others will become chronically anxious, stressed, depressed or angry.  Others will naturally retreat and go into survival mode, withdrawing into themselves, building walls that create physical and social isolation rather than protecting them from further distress.

There is support out there for you.

If you are realising you might need some help from someone other than friends and family, there are a number of options.

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One-to-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching and therapy involves an initial face to face chat, obligation free, to learn more about you and what you want to achieve.  During our time together we will agree how future sessions can be managed around your life and diary commitments.

Both coaching and therapy take place over a period of time, usually around six months though sometimes longer.  We appreciate that some people will need less and others may need more, at the end of the day it’s about you and your progress.

Group Coaching Sessions

If you would prefer to work as part of a smaller group then this can be arranged.  We aim to keep our groups small so that you get more chance to share learning, expertise and experiences with other group members, in other words to chance to develop a stronger bond and deeper relationship within the group. Group energy and dynamics are carefully managed to ensure maximum benefit for all involved.


In certain circumstances you can be referred to us from NHS or government-funded schemes.  Find out more…

Therapy in the Outdoors

For suitable clients we offer the option of ‘walk and talk’ therapy. Sessions are slightly longer at 75 minutes. Price on application.

People often ask us if there is a difference between coaching, counselling and psychotherapy so we thought it might be helpful if we explained the difference from our perspective.

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