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Now you may wonder as you start to read this blog what the image of my foot is all about.

Well this is an image that records a moment of middle aged madness, in this my landmark year! The design is unique, the artwork completed in the middle of a street at a local folk festival with passers-by looking on and as you can see I went for the full glittery and girlie version. Not for me the smaller discreet finger or back of hand. This is after all a year of trying new things and doing even small things differently. So if I was going to get painted, I can’t justify calling it inked, I was determined to make a statement about the fact even if it meant that I had to do the weeks shopping barefoot while it dried!

Now those who know anything about anything will recognise that this is not a tattoo in the strictest sense of the word. Its not even permanent, after all I’m a woman and I might want a different design next week. This design was done in henna by a very lovely Asian lady who shared something of her culture with me whilst she worked.

As a purely educational experience I now know that it can take two ladies up to seven hours each to complete an Asian bride’s Henna’ed designs. I know that the wedding designs are particularly intricate and the ladies who do them very skilled. I also know it is normal for Asian brides to be covered in designs from finger tips to upper arm and from toes to knees front and back.

Why is this noteworthy? Well aside from improving my knowledge of multiculturalism what struck me was the patience and infinite care she took as she worked on her design. Her service to me was personal and kind and our connection for the time, real, the precision with which she placed each henna dot and flower immense. She made room, a space for me in her cultural world for the time it took her to complete the design and she welcomed me in. She took care at the outset to ask my reason for wanting the tattoo and whilst the work she did was probably routine to her she still managed to make me feel valued. As a result I didn’t feel that I was just another festival goer wanting a tattoo.

The responses I have received to the tattoo have been interesting and lukewarm at best. Comments from ‘what did you go and do a thing like that for? suppose its just because you can’ to ‘its larger than I thought it would be’ to ‘Ooh you did it then’ and ‘I could have done that for you’. Clearly my family world was largely unmoved by the sight of my single adorned foot.

I however am riveted by it and will admit I keep twisting my foot about to admire its novelty when no one else is looking. I am fascinated by an almost delicious feeling of naughtiness, redolent of a much younger mini me, that this tattoo has given me. I can begin to understand why others braver than I opt for permanent ink designs.

In a year which I started by saying ‘let the adventure begin’ I am delighted and appreciative to find novelty can still exist amidst routine, connecting with others in the moment can bring fun and excitement and change doesn’t have to be disabling or even permanent.

I am finding immense support from the Universe and I am learning that I don’t need to fight to stand on my own two feet even if pretty painted ones. I am grateful for both the adventure and the discovery.

wimborne folk festival henna designer
foot with henna design

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