Happiness is: Cherishing each and every moment

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Well Valentine’s day came and went again and one could not fail to notice the plethora of red hearts, roses, balloons and cards that were pushed at us. All in the name of love. Yep, buy a quick token something just so we could be sure to demonstrate our love of each other. If not these, usually price inflated items, then perhaps something for the weekend sir? champagne, lingerie. Yes ‘love’ was in the air and we were warned not to forget it!

And it’s thinking about love that set me thinking. I was reminded of Vi, an old friend, who in a letter to me long ago once said, she hoped for my future that ‘I would be cherished’. At the time those words surprised me and I am still surprised some 25 years later that I remember her words so clearly. Clearly they did strike a chord. Why? because like so many people, feeling cherished hadn’t been part of my life for quite some time.

Cherish is a verb, a ‘doing word’ so commitment to take action is implied, which leads me to ask who or what do you commit to cherishing in your daily life? When was the last time you cherished yourself? We all need to spend time nurturing ourselves and others, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What about cherishing the things you do and achieve? Am I the only person to notice how swiftly people discount compliments and the product of their own effort?

Cherish is ‘protecting and caring lovingly’ about something or somebody you value and appreciate. So with Valentine’s day just gone by it might prove worthwhile to consider how you will demonstrate that to the people or things you love on a daily basis during the coming year, or are you one of those people who just assume they’ll know.

Cherish is about treasuring, a prize or something of importance. Ask a dying person what they treasure and most will tell you is it’s time, which leads me to ask you what do you really cherish in your life? Are you spending your time focussing on material things at the cost of personal connection?

Cherish is holding on to a hope or an ambition. Which causes me to ask what you do to keep your dreams, hopes and ambitions alive?

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