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H appiness is laughter from the heart.  So to continue our didgeridoo adventures, understand us when we say that the difference between a skilled player and a complete novice is huge and often hilarious!  We never knew that ‘blowing out what are in effect elongated raspberries’ at the same time as breathing in could be soooo difficult and made even worse if they are simultaneously being captured on camera!!  As our 7-year daughter once said when learning the flute, ‘I couldn’t get a word out of it!’ We know just how she felt! And that’s not counting the tapping on the sides of the didgeridoo with sticks or fingers.

You might ask why? Why would you want to learn to play a didgeridoo?  We would counter, why not?  Why not try something new once in a while?  In fact when did you last try something new?  What stops us from learning? Is it our persistence in playing safe, doing what is expected, sticking to our thinking ruts, conforming to well worn behavioural patterns laid down by others? 

As babies we have an attitude of curiosity that takes us towards the novel, we reach out and try to grasp things, taste things, search for new experiences. Yes admittedly sometimes we get it wrong but in that very ‘wrongness’ there is learning too.  It’s what over time has kept us safe, adaptable and enabled us to survive.

But why is that as we age we allow and often condone the loss of our innate curiosity?  Instead we seek to chide or deride others when see them engage in a bit of tacit ‘silliness’ and fail to realise that by doing this we become diminished, trapped and limited by our own fear of looking silly and reduce our opportunities for learning.

Here at Heartled we try to live in a ‘can do arena’ working from the premise that if it’s possible in the world then it’s possible for us, it is only a matter of how.  

We have come to understand that our attitude will determine our altitude and that we can achieve more by working consciously towards what we want rather than by wasting time fretting about we fear or don’t want to have happen.  

We have consciously chosen to use our past learning as a point of reference, to let go of stuff that drains us and to move creatively and with an open heart towards the future.  As a result we have an eclectic mix of ‘to do’s on our bucket list, which leads us to ask – what do you have on yours?


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