Do you have Enough in your life?

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For us happiness is not about possessions, about owning the latest gizmo or piece of bling, no, for us happiness is about who you hold in your heart and more importantly who holds you in theirs.  That is enough. 

H appiness is about enough.  Now whilst this might seem enough for some it’s apparent that not everyone shares our view.

We say this because reportedly one in five people in the UK is currently experiencing some form of psychological disturbance in their life. For ‘psychological disturbance’ read stress, anxiety or depression and when we think about that we find ourselves wondering why have such things have become so common?

So we started out by asking friends and family, people we met what was a trigger to them becoming anxious, stressed or depressed.  The answers that came back commonly related to work, money and relationships which led us in turn to ask deeper level questions and what we discovered is that many seemingly successful people do not feel ‘comfortable’ in their skin.  Why? Because put simply ‘Enough’ was missing.

In many cases chatting revealed a subtext related to fear.  Fear of not being enough, or not having enough or not doing enough and that caused us to ask ourselves what is enough for most people?  Enough what?

Our feeling is that ‘enough’ is deeply personal and is something connected to the very heart of us.  In Heartled terms our concern is that in the search for ‘enough’ people have become very intent on human doing and human having at the expense of just being …well, human. 

We have become so wrapped up in getting on, climbing the career ladder, doing the job, meeting the targets, making the savings, and the simple kindness and care of being ‘enough’ in our daily lives has got lost.

Do you have enough in your life?

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