When you look in the mirror who or what do you see?  Do you recognise the person you see there or are you someone who finds it difficult to accept the face looking back at you with love and appreciation? Are you someone who prefers to criticise yourself for even the smallest blemish? 

Someone close to me once asked, when would I show them who I really was, not who I thought they wanted to see.   

Little did I know that this one comment was to start a journey of self-discovery that became a massive catalyst for personal change and growth. That journey has now led me to write a developmental workbook about the process!


figure in carnival mask

Masqueraid is a developmental workbook which looks at the practice of ‘masking’. This is something people do to change or ‘mask’ their natural self usually in response to social pressure, abuse or other form of harassment.   

In the book, I share a little of my own experience of masking. I explore ways to help you recognise your own unhelpful behaviour patterns and identify any sticking points.  Finally moving to help you feel more comfortable about planning and making conscious changes to your ‘face’. 

I have used the analogy of the beautiful Venetian Carnival to illustrate the type of masks we wear and guide you through exercises to help you reveal your authentic self.

Masqueraid will be published in early 2019.  

Venetian canal
Bridge in Venice

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