The adventure continues

Now you may wonder as you start to read this blog what the image of my foot is all about. Well this is an image that records a moment of middle aged madness, in this my landmark year!

Living in a world of possibility

I choose to live in a world of possibility based on the premise that if it's genuinely possible in the world, it's also possible for me...

And so ‘the Adventure’ begins…

You probably haven’t noticed that I have taken a conscious break from social media over the last few months. Why? To reflect on my life, the things I have achieved to date and the things I [...]

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth

Sitting in the car, one rainy Tuesday, in of all places, Trafford Park, Manchester, I tuned into the Chris Evans breakfast show to hear Baz Luhrman cautioning me ‘to enjoy the power and beauty of [...]

Open your eyes and look around you

Re-entering the world of people after time spent alone can be enlightening.  We have found it at times quite curious because when you have been alone and then come back into contact with people [...]