Time for change: Balance…and Burlesque!

And so it was that I went to a ladies social club where about a dozen of us listened to a fully corseted lady wearing tasteful black satin and lime green spangles share a little of her story [...]

The adventure continues

Now you may wonder as you start to read this blog what the image of my foot is all about. Well this is an image that records a moment of middle aged madness, in this my landmark year!

And so ‘the Adventure’ begins…

You probably haven’t noticed that I have taken a conscious break from social media over the last few months. Why? To reflect on my life, the things I have achieved to date and the things I [...]

Happiness is knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life isn’t it?

Well I must admit I hadn't really thought about it. I mean, until recently that is, when during a chat with my clinical supervisor I was reflecting on a current dilemma, namely what I could [...]

Happiness is: uncomplicated friendship

Swimming in the warm waters of the Aegean in the late afternoon sunshine, my friend and I were musing on our thirty year friendship. In those thirty years I have probably only seen her eight or [...]