Happiness is…trying something new

H appiness is laughter from the heart.  So to continue our didgeridoo adventures, understand us when we say that the difference between a skilled player and a complete novice is huge and often [...]

Empathy, sharing – and didgeridoos

Happiness is about sharing knowledge, friendship, support and laughter – important for anyone who like us is learning to play the didgeridoo. So following on from our musings around the campfire [...]

Happiness is…

Sitting under a starlight sky, warmed by the glow of a burning campfire, with only the dry earth beneath me, in the company of friends listening to the rhythm and cadence of a didgeridoo being [...]

Do you have Enough in your life?

For us happiness is not about possessions, about owning the latest gizmo or piece of bling, no, for us happiness is about who you hold in your heart and more importantly who holds you in theirs.  [...]